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"Todd Weeks has an unique and advanced skill in helping his clients use EOS®. He was the Integrator for our fast growing, culturally complex organization that had experienced multiple acquisitions. That experience over four years forged a working knowledge of EOS® that most of his peers do not possess. I highly recommend him because he helped to get my company to its highest level of sales and profits in its 33 year history."

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"Todd brings the unbiased, outsider's perspective needed to refocus an organization on their long term strategy. He gently but firmly guides the conversation to bring a team back into alignment. Todd isn't afraid to pushback on unrealistic expectations and to discuss issues that are causing conflict and impacting productivity. He intuitively understands how EOS® effectively and successfully moves an organization to a better position."

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"Todd is instrumental in leading our organization through understanding how to properly apply the power of EOS®. Under his guidance, our organization has dramatically improved internal processes and overall tracking systems. His assistance is crucial in establishing quarterly goals (rocks) that provide the agreed to objectives necessary to move our company successfully forward."


"Our company has been using the EOS® system for over three years now and it has been such a transformative experience. During our quarterly and annual meetings, Todd keeps us focused and objective, and forces us to recognize the obstacles that are hiding in plain sight. By prioritizing and then dealing with our issues head-on, we have eliminated countless distractions that have been holding our business back."

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